• David Weller

Wallamba ladies score first win of 2016

Breaking News!! Freddie's Fillies have broken through for their first win. On a much warmer night than the last time they played, the girls fronted up to Omaru, this time playing the host club Taree. Very evenly matched on paper, this was a chance for the girls to get some just reward for all the effort they had put in and from the first whistle they came out firing, applying pressure from the go, backing up the player with the ball and actually talking! When Taree did receive the ball our backline was unwavering and gave keeper Kate great opportunity to get the ball in her hands and then deliver it with purpose back to her teammates. Before you knew it with some nifty work in the centre the ball was delivered into the back of the net and for the first time this season we led. The game was halted briefly due to a pitch invasion, the perpetrator of which managed to evade capture for a time, but eventually was corralled, given his marching orders and the game was able to be continued. Wallamba made the most of the rest and shortly thereafter the ball came out from the middle to Susan who was perfectly positioned on the left wing, after quickly getting control of the ball she sent it down the line to hook up with Magenta who drilled it past the keeper and we were up 2 nil!

Taking a 2 nil lead into the second half was always going to be fraught with danger and Taree threw everything at the girls, who to their credit repelled attack after attack with only the quick thinking and action by Krystal S, getting back and kicking the ball of our line kept us in it, but constant pressure eventually wore us down and Taree got one back. Thankfully that's all the scoring there was and when the ref blew the whistle for full time it took a few seconds for it to sink in but yes girls, you did it! The girls picked up their second yellow of the season with Crystal P pinged for a hair accessory infringement. What a fantastic effort! Well done girls.

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