• Nicole Hansen & Lauren Brady

Woman vs Under 12's

From Facebook - Nicole Hansen

*A proud moment for Nicole Hansen playing soccer against eldest son Hayden in the U12's... "Even if you did beat us. Wait till next game buddy." :)

From all accounts it was a special day of football at the Wallamba ground on the weekend.

From Facebook Lauren Brady

*Hot, sweaty & buggered after a soccer game against a fit team of under 12 boys! I never thought I would ever play a game against my little cousin Ben - I think I cheered the loudest when he scored in the last couple of minutes! Love you little cuz, can't wait to take you guys on again soon! ⚽️😜 xo ‪#‎soccer‬ ‪#‎cousins‬ ‪#‎hekickedmybutt‬ ‪#‎funtimes‬

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