• David Weller

Seasons greetings message to all at Wallamba FC - Pres.

You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why The W's are really on fire!

Omg!!! I haven't been this excited since, sitting in Sydney Airport getting minute by minute updates from Cath about the U12 final at Palms.

So kids, have a fantastic holiday break, be safe, look out for each other and be really good for your parents. I look forward to seeing y'all next year.

Senior players, thank you for the positive vibe you all have helped create and the example your setting the kids, they couldn't have better role models than you guys!

To our wonderful supporters, your behaviour was exemplary, I attended many junior games through the year and man was I proud of how you guys rolled. It's really nice to have match officials tell me how much they enjoy our games and the spirit in which we play and support!

To my wonderful committee members, I'm constantly amazed at how well you guys make my world revolve.

Whilst looking back often gives nothing more than a sore neck, looking back on the season past, is full of warmth, laughter and friendship.

To you all a very Merry Christmas a Happy New Year and Festivous for the rest of us.


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