“ALDI MiniRoos Certificate" - Free coaching course

Free coaching course for all!

“ALDI MiniRoos Certificate" - Friday March 31st 530-730 pm. At Aub Ferris.

Wallamba FC encourages all parents new to the club and/or the game to attend this introductory session, to get an understanding of beginners’ football at Wallamba FC.

The session is conducted by Football Northern NSW, our state governing body. It is FREE, fun, very informative and interactive and is intended for team coaches and managers. However, anyone can come and we’d love for as many parents as possible to see what’s what with kids soccer.

The purpose of this session is to equip as many parents as possible to conduct a basic training session and/or assist on game day should the need arise (such as team coach occasionally being unavailable). The more parents who develop their own understanding, the better it will be for the kids.

So, mark your diary, Friday March 31, 530-730pm at Aub Ferris Nabiac. Send us an email to register your interest and we’ll be in touch.” - wallambafootballclub@gmail.com

A word from FNNSW.

"This course is ideal for parents who are new to coaching, or who are not yet coaching and would simply like to gain a greater understanding of the concepts and practises of grassroots football to better support their kids.

What’s involved?

Learn how to make football FUN. Get ideas for PRACTICES that kids enjoy.

We give you tips on how to start quickly, and keep kids engaged so they don’t become distracted or disruptive.

This course is FREE, and done in less than 2 hours, and is a great introduction to football!"

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