• Mark Marriott

Womans vs U13's

What another bigger than Ben Hur weekend it was, Friday night Gals, U7 Hub, 8's, 9's and Men's all played at Aub and if that wasn't enough someone thought it wasn't a good idea for the 13's to have the weekend off. Following

Well the time had come for a rematch between the Ladies and Thunderous 13’s. The time and place was to be a headliner to the Men’s home game on Saturday afternoon.

The 13’s were feeling strong, confident and fresh with only 3 players unable to make the afternoon and the team on a BYE. The Ladies were backing up from their Friday night home game and were a little shy on players but ‘borrowed’ a few extras – Coach Tim took to the field as did President Dave, and a late entry from the men’s side to even up their numbers.

The 13’s were ready for some fun, the Ladies were feeling the pinch from their night game but in true “W” spirit took to the field with all gusto. The Ladies held possession for some time but the 13’s were the first to score. The Ladies were passing well and were making some strikes but those pesky kids snatched the ball and put another one away. Their was plenty of laughter, shrieks, squeals and ‘oh sorry’s when the ladies would tackle for the ball momentarily forgetting the size of their opponents and the game was being played with fun as the core ingredient. This was backed up by Referee Rob Mouthaan taking a phone call mid game, Pres Dave offering some advice to some 13’s players as the game flowed along and the 13’s goalie who met President Dave rather heavily at the half way line, leaving them both on the ground!!

The final score 2-0 left both sides wanting more – the ladies wanting to even things up the kids just hungry for another run. Watch this space - Can we organise that game under lights Pres??

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