• Mark Marriott

A message from the 'Pres' re FFA game

Well our FFA Cup run has come to an end.

Taking a team used to playing 80 minutes with unlimited substitutes up against a team used to playing 90 minutes with only 3 subs during the game and playing to their rules was always going to be a big ask. But in typical W fashion we gave it everything we had.

An own goal seconds before the first half finished was all that separated both teams going into the break and the lads gave as good as they got into the second half, but it ultimately was the fitness of the Port team that had us back pedalling as they got more confident in front of goal.

Congratulations to Port United FC on advancing to the next round we wish you all the best.our thanks goes to Bruce Potter and FBMNC for accepting our nomination and for paying the entry fee.

To our boys, a pub team in the best tradition, well in, we're all proud of you!

And to all those fantastic W's that made the trek up to Port to support your lads, what legends!! Thank you so much guys.


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