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Thoughts from the Prez re a focus on girls teams for 2019

Your old Prez has a confession to make, well before we do that lets go back a little ways.

Last year it was obvious that Girls Only Football needed a bit of a leg up, we (the Southern part of Football Mid North Coast) had been lagging a bit behind the rest of our world in providing facilities for girls to enjoy our wonderful game.

Yes we participated in and helped drive the Friday Nights Girls only games, but that only came after a couple of our W mothers really pushed the issue. So to you girls and you know who you are, Onya!

The fact of the matter is that we still haven’t given our young girls the space, the tools or the time needed to help them love the game as we do. Only last Wednesday night a young W girl asked about what team was she going to be playing in, whilst she is excited about the upcoming season, she’s on tenterhooks wondering if she will actually have a team. So we need to do more.

Mrs Prez and I went to the Zone meeting on Sunday and our good friend Jess was there, she bought along a mate from Northern, Holly. This couple gave a presentation and you wouldn’t read about it they’re only a couple of minutes in and they throw up a couple of commonly used lines. There’s a few lines that I’m guilty of using myself, “it’s not until they get to 12 or 13 do they really start noticing the difference” is one among many. Well W’s it’s been made pretty obvious to me that I was wrong.

So I’m on the way home with Mrs. Prez and I start asking her a few questions about being wrong and it seems it has happened before! I can’t believe it! So, what to do?

First thing is I’ve contacted a couple of W mums that were all over this stuff last year. To create a think tank. Next is we’re going to make a huge effort to create some girls only teams within our little club, initially this will more than likely be in the mini Roos ages, but I want to make this clear, if you have a daughter and she has friends who would like to give our wonderful sport a go, we are going to support the girls only initiative. So sign them up with confidence.

So get the word out there, the more girls that join up the more teams we can create. Talk to your friends from other clubs, get the push on, we all need to get onboard with this.


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