• Mark Marriott

A Welcome from the President of Wallamba FC

2019 - Note from the Prez.

Very positive vibes with registration today. Something we need to be aware of is that our season will be starting earlier than normal this year because Easter is a bit later, so we need everyone to be registered by March the first. What will really help out is if we go online and register. We really need the following age groups to take particular note.

U18’s - there’s some real interest this year in a YD ( Youth Development) team this year, even if your 18 now please register as the zone is keen to have you play.

O35’s - Our All Age Men’ c’mon guys let’s get a wiggle on. This will be a new one for us. Played on a Wednesday Night, very Socially orientated can also back up and play on a Saturday if you want. I’m excited and thinking seriously at 55 going out and embarrassing myself all over again.

Our Focus is Fun!

We don’t care if your a 2 footed nufty! We don’t care if you have never played before and we certainly don’t care if you don’t know the rules. Community Football is purely about getting some exercise and meeting new people.

Kids! Drag dads ass of the couch and give him a shove towards the field, then help him by kicking the ball around the backyard with him. Lord knows he’s probably a bit rusty.

See ya soon.


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